Cherry Blossoms


We don’t mind saying that when it comes to words we’re a bit picky. Our background means we constantly challenge, rewrite and hone copy until it is just right. Or should that be perfect?


Everyone is a storyteller these days (or so they say). Long before Spoke started, our senior staff were shaping stories in newspapers and on television. It is how Spoke started. We use all of our skills to help you work out what your stories are and the best ways to tell them.


Words are everywhere. We write and create content for pretty much anything you need. That’s the beauty of words – they are flexible. Need help with a speech? Want to turn some bullet points into an editorial? New website needs a refresh? If you can write it down, we can improve it.


People learn as much about you by how you tell your story as they do from the story. Tone is how you talk to your audience. It is shaped by values, personality, ideas and aspirations. A consistent and authentic tone helps people recognise you and what makes you special.

Cherry Blossoms


If a picture is worth a thousand words... Just imagine the value of a funky film and engaging infographic (with us, not as expensive as you might think).


This is one of our favourite ways to bring stories to life. Most of our films have something in common: they focus on people. After all, people make stories. We also use photography alongside film to showcase what you do in the best light (literally). Everything on this site is taken by us.



We can brighten up your branding, tidy your tenders and perfect those pesky PowerPoints. We redesign websites (not the techie bit), mixing our layout skills (we used to design newspapers and magazines), photography and clever words. Hey presto. A site for sore eyes.



Even dull data has a story to tell. Whether research, an annual report or a financial statement, we make data visually engaging, often creating infographics. We get pretty animated about the work we do, quite literally. We also blend graphics and animation into our films and social media.


Cherry Blossoms


There is usually plenty going around. No jargon. Just straightforward advice based on our experience rather than guesswork or Google.


We understand what makes news. We also know what doesn’t. We use our experience to help companies get the best outcome. We don’t offer traditional PR, but we work with some brilliant people who do. We prefer to focus on creating content that gets people talking.



We’re not selfish when it comes to sharing our expertise. We can improve your writing or show you how to create some snappy films on an iPhone. Not every film needs the Harry Potter treatment. We can come up with training to meet your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Big companies and corporate environments can be complex. Change communication, reputation management, internal and external messages all require sound judgment. Whether it is helping prepare for a crisis or just a quick chat on the phone, we have the tools to help you through.

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