Everything you ever wanted to know (about words, visuals and advice) but were afraid to ask. Is it time for that video to vanish? Do you need more inventive images? Or is your social media suffering? Read on...

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“Do I need to be on social media?”

You wouldn’t start a conversation if you didn’t have anything to say. We feel the same about social media. Creating an account and posting once a year is not being on social media. You need lots of great content. You also have to choose a platform that suits what you do. Great images? Go for Instagram. Stories to share? Try Twitter.

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“My boss needs a speech but doesn’t know what to say…”

It is like making a cake. Fancy icing is nothing without a good base. Start with the facts. What do you want to say? Then there is structure. A slow start that builds or something that grabs the audience? What about tone? Relaxed and funny or short and sharp? People think words are quick and easy. The best ones take time.

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“I have a video I am not happy with. Should I start again?”

Sometimes what you had in mind doesn’t quite work out. Starting from scratch is often easier, but you would expect a company that creates videos to say that! We are experts at rescuing films made by others. As long as we have the right files and a few other techie bits, we can always make things better.

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“How do you get someone to open up on camera?”

Sounds obvious but they have to forget the camera is there. Not easy, we know. But as with everything we do, we start with a conversation. Before you know it the subject will be off telling their story, just like they would to a friend in the pub. See how we got a few of our favourites to open up on our projects page.

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“What is the best way to promote your brand?”

Telling your story in the most engaging way possible. Using video, graphics and words to show off the business. What it does, what it wants to be, what it has achieved. Stories need people. Many businesses forget staff are often their best assets. Company website, social media, simple presentation. Whatever the platform, we can help tell your story.

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“How can we standardise wording across the group?”

Too much content? Not enough content? Often it is all over the place. One part does this. Another does that. A simple style guide (we can help with this) means there is less room for confusion. Should departments have capital letters? Is it % or per cent? Who cares? We do. Standardising work looks professional and helps build trust.

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