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Posted on 16/11/15 IN General chat, News

Work with us…

We are looking for students studying graphics or design to work with us on a part-time basis.

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Posted on 07/10/15 IN General chat


Over the past few months we have been working with PurpleSpace, a new online support and learning hub for disability network leaders and employees.

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Posted on 21/09/15 IN General chat

Panoramas: surveying the scene

We love panoramas. There may not be much demand from clients – their size makes them difficult to use on web and printed materials – but they look amazing.

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Posted on 15/09/15 IN General chat, News

Snap happy

We don’t like to brag but we had to mention a recent triumph. We have made it into the suggested members (insert joke here) on the site Exposure, which means we are on the homepage for all to see.

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Posted on 04/09/15 IN General chat

Bird is not the word (for us)

Where’s your Twitter account? It is a question people have been asking (well, two people). We help our clients to make an impact on social media, which doesn’t mean signing them up to anything and everything.

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Posted on 25/08/15 IN General chat, More advice

Warning: graphic content

Companies want content, whether for social media, websites, or media coverage. You’ll see on our site all the different things we offer. But what about actually getting things done?

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Posted on 07/07/15 IN More advice

A site for sore eyes…

New business, new website. We’re very proud of our site and eternally grateful to the wisdom and skill of Mixd, our website designers.

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Posted on 14/05/15 IN General chat, News


There are all kinds of branding and marketing agencies that specialise in logos. We created our own. To tell the truth we started out with something that we loved but that didn’t really follow what we tell other people.

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